Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships Audiobook

Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships Audiobook

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Audiobook Detail:

Version: Unabridged
Program Type: Audiobook
Language: English

Narrated by Andrew M. Davis
Length: 7 hrs and 18 mins
Release Date: 04/12/13

Publisher's Summary:

Who has your NEXT customer as their CURRENT customer? What if you stopped renting time or space ("advertising") and started investing in valuable content - content that you'll own? What if you tapped a trend or created a movement? What if you authentically embraced your most loyal fans? What became a brandscaper?

Brandscaping is a big, infectious idea - a new marketing methodology that begins with one simple observation: A rising tide lifts all ships. In this groundbreaking book, media and marketing visionary Andrew Davis shows you how to partner with other brands and undiscovered talent to create content that drives demand for the products and services you sell. Davis dishes up dozens of case studies showing how all types of individuals, companies, and brands have tapped into the power of brandscaping to achieve unparalleled success, often using resources already at their disposal.

Successful brandscapers think more like television producers and less like marketers. In the new-media world, everyone has an audience. No one needs the traditional media monarchies to access their audience anymore. Davis encourages you to reconsider your spend on advertising, forget about trying to obtain PR one-hit wonders, and start seeking out valuable replacements for inauthentic celebrity "endorsements". Reinvest that money, he says, on creating valuable content and watch your marketing expenses turn into powerful content assets.

Brandscaping trains you to unearth authentic, talented "spokespeople" in a world where everyone is a publisher, podcaster, YouTuber, or digital photographer; people whose existing audiences, no matter how small, will become your future customers. Davis demonstrates how electronics manufacturers, retailers, home builders, associations, non-profits, individuals, and many others have benefited from the ability to tap into the power of niche markets.

Davis also shows you how to identify and appeal to the passion points that inspire digital influencers, prosumers, and consumers to take action. Your marketing will be more effective and you'll fill your pipeline with higher-quality leads. Brandscaping will transform the way you market.

Brandscaping is symbiotic marketing that can fund start-ups, aid non-profits, even change entire industries. Once you begin thinking like a brandscaper, you'll be able to easily see the benefits of connecting computer consulting to game shows; insurance sales to motorcycle parts; Foreman Grills to dorm-room cuisine; transportation professionals to hit television shows; backyard poultry to suburban hardware stores; watercraft sales to music videos; and so much more. In Brandscaping, you'll uncover opportunity at every turn. Davis' entertaining and artfully crafted stories each deliver on a clear lesson and an optimistic business challenge to ask yourself, "what if?"

Brandscaping is both an intellectual exercise and a practical guide. It's a refreshing, insightful take on how marketing and media will work together in the future. It is specifically crafted to be embraced by C-suite executives and implemented by savvy marketing professionals. Get ready to brandscape!

©2012 Andrew M Davis (P)2012 Andrew M Davis

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